Living beautifully is more than just optics. It’s also a deep commitment to a clean and healthy environment. That’s why Rivage has been designed with the future in mind from the inside out, from water and energy efficient appliances to landscaping that reduces heat and waste. Learn more about the sustainability features of Rivage below.




All residences are furnished with Energy Star rated appliances, low flow faucets, and LED lighting to reduce water and energy demand. Furthermore, our electric vehicle charging stations, ample bike parking, and access to public transit provide myriad alternative transportation options.



The landscaping at Rivage has been crafted to ensure a peaceful transition between the built environment and the natural one. For the rainy season, we’ve minimized impervious surfaces and provided on-site stormwater management and filtration to reduce runoff into the river and protect against flooding. For sunnier weather, the expansive green roof and drought-resistant vegetation absorbs sunlight and protect against the urban heat island effect while still maintaining water efficiency.



Beautiful living begins with the air you breathe. To ensure air purity, we have included high-quality air filters in all units and common spaces. To control particulates, we’ve added walk-off matts to all entry doors and used low-VOC building materials. To ensure freshness, we’ve installed continuously operating fans in residences and the garage to maintain constant circulation across the smoke-free premises. You can breathe easier knowing that this culminates in exceptional air quality.